JSR is one of the leading Agro brands in India.

Serving The Nation With Purity & Wholesome Goodness.


Better Taste

Since our flour contains “bran” and “germ”, it maintains the traditional flour taste.


Easily Digestible

Being high on fibre, our flour is easy for your stomach to digest.


More Nutritious

The bran our flour contains makes it more nutritious in addition to making it taste better.


Rich Texture

Since the fibre content in our flour is high, it has a rich texture.

Sattvadharm Range of Products

The word “sattvadharm” comes from the fusion of two Sanskrit words: “Sattva” which is the quality of goodness, truth, and balance, and “Dharma” which is the universal truth. These are the values our Sattvadharm range of products is built on. We aim to serve the nation with purity and wholesome goodness.
Sattvadharm adds premium-quality nutrition to your diet with hygienically processed and packaged Chakki Atta in an ISO-certified facility. Our flour helps you get a well-balanced diet so that you can improve your health and overall body composition. It doesn’t just taste good, but is also good for your body. Since stone-grinding is a slow and relatively cooler process, it safeguards the natural nutrients of wheat while preserving the natural oils present in it. This makes it easier to digest while keeping it high in nutrition.



Traditional Taste, Evolved Nutrition

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We are specialists when it comes to flour. Our flour has the touch of traditional grinded grains. With a consistent superior standard of hygiene from processing to packaging, we strive to provide you with an everlasting good taste of life.

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